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About $124 million was spent on medical CBD in 2017, and that number will likely go up as more people discover its benefits.

For an athlete interested in how CBD might be useful, the possibilities for CBD’s impact is exciting. CBD is not to be confused with marijuana, as high-quality CBD should only contain 3% of marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient, THC.

From anti-inflammatory effects to buying CBD products online, this guide will walk you through the many potential benefits for athletes using CBD.

1. CBD Speeds Recovery

Did you know that cannabinoids already exist in your body? They’re your body’s natural pain-reliever, and they get released in response to strain and tension on your body. However, just as athletes place far more strain on their bodies than normal people, so they may also need more cannabinoids than they can get naturally.

Taking CBD increases the number of cannabinoids available to your body. The famous runner’s high is partly due to anandamide, a fatty acids neurotransmitter, which CBD directly increases.

2. CBD May Relieve Pain

The pain-relieving results of CBD are largely anecdotal because of a shortage of research. Nonetheless, taking CBD appears to relieve pain for many athletes.

3. CBD can be a viable alternative to NSAIDs and opioids

NSAIDS like ibuprofen and naproxen are beginning to come under fire for their toxic nature, and the potentially deadly effects of taking them frequently for long periods of time. In fact, it’s been calculated that NSAIDS would be the 15th leading cause of death in America, if they were calculated separately in the National Vital Statistics Reports.

While not as effective for numbing extreme pain like opioids can be, CBD has been used by athletes as a supplement to, or even a replacement for, conventional painkillers—allowing them to diminish or eliminate their use of NSAIDs altogether.

4. CBD Can Help Reduce Inflammation

A controlled amount of inflammation is healthy for athletes, as it enables their bodies to adapt to more advanced training. However, too much inflammation can hinder recovery and lower sports performance.

CBD has been suggested to reduce inflammation, including inflammation of the small and large intestine (which has caused runners to drop out of races at times).

5. CBD Can Act as a Sleep Aid

Taking CBD seems to improve both one’s ease of falling asleep, and the restful quality of one’s sleep throughout the night. Better sleep directly helps the athlete make greater gains during their training and performance.

CBD has also been known to have significant anti-anxiety effects, even for those with severe anxiety disorders. This also aids in improving sleep.

6. CBD May Indirectly Stimulate Appetite

Taking CBD has also been found to increase appetite. This is another plus for the athlete, who often must consume large amounts of the right foods to significantly improve their performance.

7. CBD Helps With Muscle Spasms

Putting intense strain on your body can cause uncomfortable muscle spasms. CBD seems to help diminish these effects.

8. CBD May Prevent Concussions

CBD seems to help prevent concussions from occurring. CBD disrupts the flow of chemicals that kill brain cells during the event of a blow to the head, behaving like a neuroprotectant and preventing a concussion from taking effect.

9. CBD Can Help Prevent Nausea

During intense training, CBD acts as an effective antiemetic by helping to prevent nausea.

10. Buy CBD Products Online

In addition to its many benefits, high-quality CBD can easily be purchased from reputable distributors on the internet, making CBD accessible and convenient. From tinctures to hard candies, getting CBD products online is surprisingly easy, and features a wide range of options.

Make sure you’re getting CBD with no more than .3% THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) when you buy CBD products online. Taking CBD with more than .3% of THC could get you disqualified from competitions for consuming marijuana.

Research into the effects of CBD is only beginning, and it already looks incredibly promising for athletes. With this guide, you’re now better prepared to explore the possibilities of what CBD can do for you.