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Introducing Our Brand ambassadors

Doctor Jim Sears

TV Show: The Doctors

2x Daytime Emmy Award Outstanding Talk Show Host (2011-2012)

3x Daytim Emmy Award Outstanding Talk Show Informative.     (2011-2013)

"Razor" Rob McCullough

UWMTA 5X Welterweight Champion
IAMTF U.S. Welterweight Champion 
IKBA Welterweight Champion
Pit Fighting Championship (NHB) p8 Man Tournament Champion 
K-1 Veteran 


"I have been in a wheelchair for about 25 years and suffer from chronic pain in my back where I have metal rods and severe muscle spasms in my legs.  OC Pharm CBD showed me there is a natural, effective alternative to addictive painkillers with terrible side effects.   I literally threw away my Vicodin, Norcos, and Oxycodone.  Further, my muscle spasms went from a few hundred a day to virtually zero.  Personally I enjoy the vaping because the flavors satisfy my sweet tooth as well.  Thank you OC Pharm."


"As a retired MMA athlete that still enjoys physical activity, my body now pays the price for years of wear.  I find CBD to be excellent for inflammation and recovery and it significantly reduces pain.  While it does not get me mentally  "high" it does relax my body and helps wind me down."


"Color me skeptical.  I come from a generation where cannabis or hemp derived products carried a negative connotation.  As I got older with a variety of ailments, pain and stress became more difficult to manage.  I gave OC Pharm CBD a try and it changed my life 100% for the better.  It has alleviated anxiety for me, significantly reduced pain and inflammation, and as a result my sleep has improved immeasurably.  For my liking I found a few drops under my tongue of the tinctures to be the most desirable.  I highly recommend OC Pharm's products." 


"As a self employed entrepreneur my mind is always racing and I have trouble relaxing and sleeping often fueled by anxiety.  I found OC Pharm CBD to be a much more desirable and healthier alternative to a couple martinis at night.  This product was a game changer for me."