After her mother's normal pregnancy Kira joined her four siblings, but from birth had a series of health complications. Kira was in a virtual coma and required around-the-clock care.  The doctors told her family that Kira may live a year.  But for the tireless efforts of her parents and family, that bleak prognostication may have been a reality.  Kira is now twelve years old and the fight continues. The fight comes with a hefty price tag - especially for a large family, and has taken a significant financial toll on Kira’s family.
In an effort to ease her pain and reduce her seizures, Kira was introduced to OC Pharm CBD.    
OC Pharm has been involved with Kira and her family for over a year.  Kira struggles with microcephaly and intractable epilepsy, among among other serious and mysterious neurologic conditions.  Since meeting Kira and her family, OC Pharm has attempted to help her lead her life in as little pain as possible.  We began donating our CBD products to Kira in an effort to help lessen the amount of seizures / pain she experiences. The CBD has been by far the best treatment the she has tried, according to her family.  The CBD brings amazing relief to not only her out-of-control seizures, but her physical pain as well.  Kira had been prescribed Klonopin, Trileptal and Ativan, but CBD is more effective with the bonus of being non-toxic.  Kira’s entire family has devoted their lives to her recovery.  We continue to donate our CBD products to Kira’s family, as well as a portion of our proceeds, and hope you will also aid in assisting her continuing improvement.

- Disclaimer: While OC Pharm is proud to have helped Kira and her family, as well as numerous others, be cautioned that the effects of CBD vary greatly from patient to patient and for differing conditions.  Claims have been made that CBD has successful treating seizures, physical pain, inflammation, depression, PTSD, and other ailments, but OC Pharm makes no guarantee or representation to the effects this dietary supplement will have on individual users.